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Ruben - DK301 Sort/Grøn <BR>- 2015 Fixie cykel SUPER-TILBUD
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Ruben - DK301 Sort/Grøn
- 2015 Fixie cykel SUPER-TILBUD

Kontant besparelse cykel: 1.500.00 DKK
2015 RUBEN DK 301 Sort/Grøn med
Cr-mo stål stel og forgaffel, 43 mm fælge
og single speed flip/flop nav
OBS !! - Kun tilbage i stelstørrelsen:
58 cm - din højde: 175 cm - 190 cm

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Cykel: Ruben - DK301 Sort/Grøn
- 2015 Fixie cykel SUPER-TILBUD

Kontant besparelse cykel: 1.500.00 DKK

OBS !! - Kun tilbage i stelstørrelsen:
58 cm - din højde: 175 cm - 190 cm

Specifikationer på cyklen:
Farve: Sort / Grøn
Gear: 0/1 Speed
Stel: RUBEN DK301 - steel with lugs
Forgaffel: Steel
Krank: Kinex 1323 Cartridge / Lukket boks
Kranksæt: 44 tands Ruben-Tec Aluminium
Styr: Flatbar - Aluminium (Neon Grønt)
Frempind: Raiser aluminium (Neon Pink)
Sadelpind: Aluminium (Neon Pink)
Pedaler: Alm. aluminiums pedaler med tåeclips
Bag nav: Flip/Flop med 18 tands friløbskrans og 18 tands fastkrans fra Ruben-Tec
Fælge: Dobbelt bundede højprofil Ruben-Tec 43 mm
Bremsergreb: Tektro RL-720 Black gribs
Bremser: Ruben-Tec 50 mm fælgbremse for og bag
Dæk: Ruben colour
Signal: Klokke
Reflekser: Ifølge Dansk lov

Så er de endeligt landet, de super flotte fixie cykler fra Asiens største fixie-cykel leverandør RUBEN.

- Nu kan det efter lang tids søgen lade sig gøre at købe en fixie/single speed cykel i en ordentlig kvalitet som lever optil forventningerne til sådan en fixie cykel.

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Ruben & WD Ruben-tec bikes
2003 Winter In a relaxed afternoon, Winston and Darren were in a café of Queen Street Mall in Brisbane, they had enjoyed the thick amorous feelings of foreign. And also think how can they to transmit such this newfangled things and culture to other people who would also like the wonderful atmosphere and the newfangled goods.
Smiling Elements International Co. was established in Taiwan on 2005. We are focusing on designing and creating the originative goods. We identify as an Innovative Explorer. We wish that our products are able to make people have a true smile to warm their exhausted mind. Besides, you also can taste each bike’s style and our designer’s innovative ideas and original story.
Ruben fixed gear bikes and WD ruben-tec bikes are our main brands, they are focus on new design, stylish, and colorful fixed gear bike, it also is a perfect street bikes, if you are not good at track you could changed the gear to freewheel gear, the fixie bike will become a single speed bike, which will attract people’s vision.
People always pay more attention on novel things. And they want to share the exciting feeling to the most important person when they discover the new things. Our standpoint is same as the share feeling to focus developing the innovative products for you with higher quality and unique style.
As Smiling Elements is a Taiwan’s company, we only focus on the product which is high quality with innovative design, our products are almost 100% made in Taiwan, which is able to do market segmentation effectively.
Recent years, people pay more attention on the issue of greenhouse effect, therefore, we will create more green goods to care our earth. Generally, we design bikes which is for the age from children to elder. We believe that our product could bring to consumer lots of fun and health.

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